Sunday of Orthodoxy

I wrote joyously of the end of summer, of the beginning of Advent and the Lenten season.

This new spiritual year has been an incredibly challenging one for me. I have had to grapple with mental and emotional depths that have dwelled beneath the surface throughout my entire life, brought to the fore now with an unprecedented degree of simultaneous catalysts.

First, and forever, I am grateful that I have not had to go through it alone.

The Greek community Orthodox Mom has developed a 40-day gratitude journal for the Lenten season. Many of these writing prompts are personal and not appropriate for a blog, even an anonymous one. Where possible, however, I would like to share the occasional post here, on the off chance that another pilgrim on their Lenten journey – or any journey – might perhaps relate and take solace.

7. Home Goals

  • Keep a tidy home even on early-morning-to-late-night days
  • Maintain a tranquil environment (do not drown out the neighbors with background music)
  • Mindfulness: Contemplate the sounds of everyday life as the realities of real people with real concerns, not disturbances meant to inconvenience me
  • Foster a liturgical atmosphere with respect to the icons, candles, cleanliness, and tranquility, even (especially) when it is difficult to attend liturgy with any regularity
  • Minimize blue light as much as possible

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